Hard Enamel Spoonie Pendants

Hard Enamel Spoonie Pendants

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These gorgeous tiny pendants feature 3D glittery hard enamel, and lab opals! They are meant to signify a petite and fashionable symbol of the "Spoonie" community: those who suffer from chronic illness. Being a member, so to speak, these are very personal to me.

Each variant is approximately 45mm tall. They are plated with genuine precious metals, and can all be chosen with or without necklace chains. They come with a logo engraved in the back of the spoon bill. The chains are stainless steel with plating.

Rainbow plating: the rainbow plating was expensive to do, and therefore the price is slightly elevated for them.

They all can come with or without a bow matching the lab opal's color at the same price, please just specify at checkout. These bows are tied and not sewn, so price is no different with or without them!

Thanks to screen differences and the fact that all enamel colors are mixed by hand, the end product may be slightly different in color. Please keep this in mind!