PRE-ORDER: Sailor Retsuko & Seilios Pin

PRE-ORDER: Sailor Retsuko & Seilios Pin

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Who has seen the newest season of Aggretsuko? Well, we started it and are OBSESSED - which is no surprise because the first two seasons were absolutely amazing. We were instantly inspired by Seiya - Aggretsuko’s gorgeous virtual boyfriend LOL. He’s so dreamy! 

We were getting Chibi Moon & Helios vibes when seeing the two together. So, this design was born. This pin will be 2”, hard enamel, gold metal with a glittery background to keep those dreamy vibes going. This pin is up for PREORDER now!

Whenever we hit enough to start production, we will order them! (Need about 30 or so to fund this.) These pins will be discounted to $15 for a pre-order price and then will be $18 retail once the launch is live. We will also include a free matching sticker with all pre-orders!


Pin Specs: 

  • 2"
  • Hard Enamel
  • Gold Metal
  • Glitter enamel background
  • Pink rubber backings
  • Engraved Perfect Humans back stamp