Join the B2 Family!

If you want to become a vendor with B2 - we want to represent your art! It's as easy as that.

Despite our Kawaii style - we strive to be inclusive of all styles + mediums of art. We have it all from traditional to rainbow to political to goth to emo to punk and everything in between!

Here are some frequently asked questions on consigning with B2:

What is your consignment rate?

Our consignment rate is 60/40 - 60% to you and 40% to us. Typically, this is nonnegotiable but let us know if you have another suggestion on what you would want to do!

How often do you payout? 

We payout every single month! Depending on holidays and such, it's usually within the first two weeks, but it will always be on a monthly basis. 

How many of each design should I send you?

We only require three of each design plus an additional one for display purposes. This equals a total of four items per design. We do not want you to send more than that because we want this to be easy for you! We don't want to heavily affect your stock since we only pay out when your items sell. If something ends up being a hot ticket item, we can always just have a larger restock later for that particular design. 

What if I want my art back?

You're entitled to ask for your art back at anytime - but keep in mind sales are very unpredictable. There's no way to know when your items will be "trending" - it could be instantly, in six months or even years to see a huge influx in sales for a particular item. We suggest always waiting it out which is also why we only ask for 3 of each item. 

What pricing should I give you?

We can use the pricing you typically charge for your items or, since the consignment rate does make you take a small hit with each sale, you're welcome to increase your pricing for the items you include in B2. Just let us know what pricing you want - you are in control of that so just tell us what to list them as and it shall be done!

Are product pictures needed?

Not at all. We do use your photos if you have them on your site, otherwise we take them ourselves at our HQ. 

What if I want an update on my inventory?

We are a transparent company so ask away whenever you want. We keep your inventory logged in our Shopify and on a Spreadsheet as a backup. When we pay out, we also send a screenshot of where your inventory is at so you can see what's selling. 

Where exactly will you be selling my art?

Everywhere we can! Online, at trade shows and of course at our storefront. Right now, due to the pandemic, we are in the midst of relocating to a new storefront but we have yet to find "the spot". Also post-pandemic, we take private appointments at our HQ and make local deliveries too! 

Will you run promotions/sales on my items?

If we choose to run some sort of promotion, we pay you out for the value of your items that you have listed on your contract so we will cover the difference of any sale. So, do not worry if you see us hosting a sale! You will still get paid at the full value (minus the consignment rate, of course) for your items!

How will you promote my art?

We have an Instagram and Facebook that we update daily (usually hourly) with various aspects of the business. We will show your product photos on there, behind the scenes at our HQ showing off your products in person, trade shows...well you get the idea - it's social media! We promote everyone's art equally but if you want us to post your products a certain way, please just let us know and we will accommodate whatever you need. 

Ready to join the swarm?

 Fill out this form and email it to us at to join our buzzing family. Or, if you still have questions - feel free to email us any further inquiries you have on consignment!